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2017 National Field Trial

2016 National Field Trial

2017 National Field Trial

Vizsla Club of America is pleased to announce that the 2017 VCA National Field Trial will be held November 5 (arrival date) to Completion. The event will be held on the Denmark portion of Pyramid State Park in Pinckneyville, Illinois.

The stakes offered are:

National Amateur Field Championship
Open Derby
National Field Championship

Chair: Sabrina Corliss

Please contact Sabrina by email for opportunities to volunteer.

All stakes have requirements for entry; details will be available in the premium.

All entries require a DNA#; exhibitors are encouraged to secure this information, which takes several weeks.

For details on getting your dog’s DNA Number

Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the special discount pricing for catalog advertising. DEADLINE FEBRUARY 15, 2017. For $150, an ad will appear in ALL THREE National Events Catalogs, beginning with the National Gun Dog Championship. Exhibitors may change the ad from catalog to catalog or run the same ad in all three.

Details on this opportunity

Check here often for updated information.