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The Vizsla Club of America is providing the Breeder Referral List as a public service. The individuals listed have volunteered to provide information about the breed and the names of breeders who have represented that they adhere to VCA's Code of Ethics. The reference to any specific breeder does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the VCA. Any views expressed by the volunteers named on the Breeder Referral List are their own, and do not necessarily reflects the views of the VCA. Moreover, the fact those individuals are included on the Breeder Referral List here does not imply an endorsement by the VCA of them, their own breeding programs (if any), or any entity they represent. If you have questions about this disclaimer, please send an email to askthevcaboard@gmail.com.

Below is a list of members who have agreed to talk with people who are new to the breed. If you have any questions, whether to find out if the breed is right for you or just to find some training tips for your energetic Vizsla, please feel free to contact an experienced owner from the list below: