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2013 NFC Results

2013 National Field Trial

1st place and 2013 VCA NAFC
FC/AFC Kick Em Up Kimber
Owner/Handler Jarrett Bell

2nd place
NFC, NAFC FC/AFC. Lundy's Red Bull
Owner/Handler. Laura Miller

3rd place
NFC FC DuRite's Jet City Woman
Owners Michael and Carrie Syczylo
Handler. Carrie Syczylo

4th place
FC/AFC Poppyhill's Martini with a Twist
Owners. Janice Branam and Jill Marshall
Handler: Janice Branam

Derby Classic
1st place
Burr Oak's Ellie Mae
Owner Jim Gingrich
Handler: Brian Gingrich

2nd place
Midnight Run's Probable Cause
Owner: Jeff Zenas
Handler: Brian Gingrich

3rd place
Ramblin River's Ramblin Man
Owners: Bill and Melissa Stapleton
Handler: Bill Stapleton

4th place
Mira's Mr. Playmaker
Owner: Michel Berner
Handler: Brian Gingrich

Award of Merits (2)
Hi-Weyer Gentleman Jack
Owner: Andrew Weyer
Handler: Jerry Jordan

Ch. Jnek's Son of a Preacher Man, JH
Owners: Samantha Dumm and Aaron Szczesny
Handler: Samantha Dumm

1st place and 2013 VCA NFC
FC CK Touchdown Guy
Owner: Ron Chenoweth
Handler: Brian Gingrich

2nd place
NFC NAFC FC/AFC Lundy's Red Bull
Owner/Handler: Laura Miller

3rd place
NGDC DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds, MH
Owner/Handler: Joanne Beckley

4th place
DC/AFC Tsavo's My Name is Earl, SH, VC
Owners: Valerie Smith, Diane Stuckey, Ed Kottmeier
Handler: Denny Keeton

Award of Merit(1)

NAFC FC/AFC Kick Em Up Kimber
Owner/Handler: Jarrett Bell