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2016 National Field Trial

2016 National Field Trial

2016 National Field Trial Official Results

2016 VCA National Field Championship Results

Judges: Cindy Findley & James Schultz

2016 National Field Champion Penny's Wiki Wiki Another Mai Tai Please - 'Ty'
Handler: Chad Chadwell
Owner: C. Chadwell & N. Browne

2nd - FC Tibercreeks Billy The Kid - 'Pistol Pete'
Handler: J. Fountain/L. Fairchild
Owner: Mark Calder

3rd - VK's Twenty Gauge Xr - 'Deuce'
Handler: Van Kooten/Cheshire
Owner: Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten

4th -NFC NGDC FC AFC Lundy's Red Bull - 'Bull'
Handler: Laura Miller
Owner:Laura Miller

2016 VCA National Amateur Field Championship Results

Judges: Bruce Conover & Gene Moseley

1st - Cali's Wiki Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset - 'Mia'
Handler: Chad Chadwell
Owner: C. Chadwell and N. Browne

2nd - FC AFC VK's Twenty Gauge Gunnar - 'Gunnar'
Handler: Cheshire
Owner: Robyn/Sherwin Van Kooten

3rd - Diamond C's Recon - 'Recon'
Handler: Sabrina Corliss
Owner: Chris and Sabrina Corliss

4th - Crimson's Double Twenty Gauge - 'Gauge'
Handler: Mark Spurgeon
Owner:Mark and Pam Spurgeon

AOM - FC On-Point Vizsla's Zoey - 'Zoey'
Handler: Mark Spurgeon
Owner: Dan Olson

AOM - VK's Twenty Gauge Xr - 'Deuce'
Owner: Robyn/Sherwin Van Kooten

2016 VCA National Derby Classic Results

Judges: Cindy Findley & Bruce Conover

1st -Alpine Mischief Managed - 'Arya'
Handler: Jamie Fountain
Owner: Karen Concilio

2nd -CK Sis's Gunner - 'Gunner'
Handler Jim Winnen
Owner: Ron Chenoweth

3rd - Onpoint's Take No Bull - 'Gibbs
Handler:Jamie Fountain
Owner: Melissa Thomas

4th -Ethos Rolling To The Dark Side - 'Bane'
Handler: Jamie Fountain
Owner:Karen Concilio