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2017 National Field Trial

2017 National Field Trial

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2017 National Field Trial Official Results

2017 VCA National Field Championship Results

Judges: Stan Noble and Frank Vicari

2017 VCA National Champion NCH NFC DC Guy CK Touchdown Kid “Guy”
Handler: Brian Gingrich
Owner: Ron Chenoweth

2nd - Penny’s Wiki Wiki Another Mai Tai Please “Ty”
Handler: Chad Chadwell
Owners: Charles Chadwell and Nancy Browne

3rd - Burr Oak’s BamBam “BamBam”
Handler: Brian Gingrich
Owner: Jim Gingrich

4th - NGDC FC AFC Doc Holliday’s Side By Side “Doc”
Handler: Sean Van Kooten
Owners: Sean Van Kooten

Award of Merit
CH AFC Southwind’s Flatirons Cruise “Cruise”
Handler: Janice Branam
Owner: Janice Branam of Boulder, Colorado

2017 VCA National Amateur Championship

Judges: Eldon Hongo and Rich Barber

1st - NCH NFC DC Guy CK Touchdown Kid “Guy”
Handler: Ron Chenoweth
Owner: Ron Chenoweth

2nd - FC AFC VK’s Twenty Guage Gunnar “Gunnar”
Handler: Sean Van Kooten
Owner: Robyn and Sherwin Van Kooten

3rd - Cali’s Wiki Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset “Mia”
Handler: Chad Chadwell
Owner: Charles Chadwell and Nancy Browne

4th - CH AFC Southwind’s Flatirons Cruise “Cruise”
Handler: Janice Branam
Owner:Janice Branam

Award of Merit
Diamond C’s Recon “Recon”
Handler: Chris Corliss
Owner: Chris and Sabrina Corliss

FC Rushcreek Semper Fi A Cut Above “CJ”
Handler: Clint Sails
Owner: Clinton and Valerie Sails

2016 VCA National Derby Classic Results

Judges: Eldon Hongo and Stan Noble

1st -Louie “Louie”
Handler Bill Elliott
Owner: William Elliott

2nd - Vezeto’s Mystery of Pandora’s Box “Maggie”
Handler: Mike Heller
Owner: Michael Heller

3rd - OP. F. Teslas Hold’Em “Tesla”
Handler: Robert Tomczak
Owner: Damon Daniels

4th - CV’s Kentucky Boy “Charlie”
Handler Paul Howard
Owners: Paul Howard and Jill Howard

For the first time at the NFC there was a Running of the Veterans, A fundraiser sponsored by Purina Bright Mind.
Many thanks to Purina and entrants:
Geena 15.5 - Joan Heimbach
Maggie 14.5 - Jim Rowell
Cutter 14.5 - Valerie Sails
Stella 14.5 - Laura Miller
Reba 12 - Cindy Pescod
Monte 11 - Janice Branam
G-man 10 - Melissa Thomas
Pele 9 - Chad Chadwell
Tiki 9 - Chad Chadwell
Ryder 8 - Mark Smith
Dakota 8 - Mark Spurgeon