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2018 National Field Trial

2018 National Field Trial

October 8 – 15, 2018
Mingo Sportsman Club
Bloomingdale, Ohio

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2018 National Field Trial Official Results

2018 VCA National Amateur Field Championship Results

Judges: Chris Goegan and Michael Aldrich

1st - Penny’s Wiki Wiki Another Mai Tai Please – ‘Ty’
Handler: Chad Chadwell
Owner: Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne

2nd - CK Guy’s Hot n Spicey – ‘Ginger’
Handler: Ron Chenoweth
Owner: Ron Chenoweth

3rd - CK Touchdown Guy – ‘Guy’
Handler: Ron Chenoweth
Owner: Ron Chenoweth & Jim Gingrich

4th - Doc Holliday’s Side by Side – ‘Doc’
Handler: Sean Van Kooten
Owner:Sean Van Kooten

Award of Merit - Burr Oak’s Bam Bam – ‘BamBam’
Handler: Jim Gingrich
Owner: Jim Gingrich

2018 VCA National Field Championship Results

Judges: Allen Welch and Rich Pristov

2018 VCA National Champion - CK Guy’s Hot n Spicey – ‘Ginger’
Handler: Ron Chenoweth
Owner: Ron Chenoweth

2nd - VK’s Twenty Gauge Gauge Gunnar – ‘Gunnar’
Handler: Sean Van Kooten
Owners: Robyn and Sherwin Van Kooten

3rd - Charles’s Rufus Tiberius – ‘Ty’
Handler: Diane Vater
Owner: Charles Bilz and Ken Kuivenhoven

4th - withheld

Derby Classic

Judges: Tom McKellar and Chris Young

1st - Dynata’s Bound to Be a Fireball – ‘Shelby’
Handler: John Bacik
Owner: John Bacik

2nd - Burr Oak’s Born Again – ‘Toby’
Handler: Brian Gingrich
Owner: Brian Gingrich

3rd - Red Oak’s Gunsmoke – ‘Dillon’
Handler: Laura Bauman
Owner: Laura Bauman

4th - Hi -Flying Aero – ‘Aero’
Handler: Victor Barger
Owners: Victor and Columba Barger

Photos from the event are now available. A big thank you to Tania Campbell for sitting in the saddle all week to capture photos.

The shopping cart option is available, if you want to have some printed by Smugmug, but downloads are free. They are formatted for the screen, but Tania has copies of all the originals, so you can contact her directly if you would like.