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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

2014 National Gun Dog Championships

2014 National Gun Dog Championships

Results 2014 VCA NGDC

Chaired by Bill Stapleton

27 entries/started

Judges: Sherry Ebert and Ed Dixon

2014 VCA National Gun Dog Champion!


1st place: DC/AFC Boulder's N Fusion's Heart of a Stallion, JH. ( Enzo ) O/H Brandon Blum (Breeders: Judy and Ed Hetkowski , Imelda Reveles and Aaron Davis)

2nd: NGDC DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds, MH. ( Kinzee) Owners: Chet and Joanne Beckley. H/ Joanne Beckley (Breeder: Linda Busch)

3rd: FC/AFC Tommy's Dixie Chick. ( Dixie) O/H Steve Whitney (Breeder: Greg Wegler)

4th: 3xNGDC 2xNAFC DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC. ( Ruger)
Owners: Mark and Pam Spurgeon H/ Mark Spurgeon (Breeders: Mark and Pam Spurgeon

2014 VCA National Open Puppy

12 entries - 11 starters

Judges : Gene Salmons and Art Terstage

Winner of the 2014 VCA National Open Puppy..and the Ripp Barat Memorial Traveling Trophy

1st: CK Guy's Kid. O/H. Ron Chenoweth. ( Breeder: Mark Sullivan)
2nd: BGK Red Hot Lead O/H. Justin Hess.( Breeders: Jarrett and Allison Bell)
3rd: CK Guy's Dbl Barrel Dee Dee. O/H. Ron Chenoweth ( Breeder: Ron Chenoweth)
4th: Good Hearted Woman Jewels. O/H. Tim May ( Breeder: Vincent Tuttle)
AOM - Barben N Crimson's Wild Rose Owners: Mark and Pam Spurgeon. H/ Mark Spurgeon  ( Breeders: Barbara Zahn and Trish Burdin)

Congratulations to all!
Thank you to our Sponsors, to the FT Committee,, to all exhibitors, advertisers, donors, volunteers, and supporters of this VCA National Event and to the Riverbank Lodge