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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

Vizsla Club of America - NGDC 2015

2016 National Gun Dog Championship

Results for the 2016 VCA National Gun Dog Championship and Puppy Stake

National Gun Dog Championship

2016 National Gun Dog Champion: Doc Holiday's Side "Doc"
Owner: Sean Van Kooten Handler Mick Cheshire/Sean VanKooten
2nd Place: Willowynd's Just One Leuc "Leuc"
Owner/Handler: Tim Heydorff & Karen Bravender
3rd Place: Tierah's The Spy Who Loved Me "Bond"
Owner/Handler: Lisa Bender
4th Place: Willowynd's Rebel-Ette "Pearl"
Owner: Tim Heydorff & Karen Bravender Handler Karen Bravender
AOM: JB's Asker Bout Birds MH "Kinxzie"
Owner/Handler: Joanne Beckley
VK's Twenty Gauge Gunner "Gunner"
Owner: Robin & Sherwin VanKooten Handler:Mick Cheshire/Sherwin Van Kooten

Puppy Stake

1st Place: Firestorm's Jumping Cactus "Cholla"
Owner/Handler:Warren Eizman
2nd Place: CK Bulls Little Jazmin Rose "Jazmin"
Owner/Handler: John Lewis
3rd Place: Mudbone Little McB "Mc B"
Owner: David Awbrey Handler: Warren Eizman
4th Place: Pinedas Birdbustin Rascoe "Rascoe"
Owner/Handler:Raul Pineda

2016 NGDC Slide Show

With thanks to Pam Lambros for allowing us to link to her work.

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