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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

Vizsla Club of America - NGDC 2015

2017 National Gun Dog Championships

2017 National Gun Dog Open Puppy and Championship Results

The Vizsla Club of America would like to congratulate everyone and thank the committee for hosting a successful event.

Open Puppy Results
Judges: Rick Petersen & Will Barbee

1st Place:Ryatt - Huntmore's Limited Edition
Owner: Rene L. & Alan K. Blakemore
Handler: Alan Blakemore
2nd Place:Poppy - Crimson N Leg's Field of Poppies JH
Owner: Bernadette & John Allison
Handler: Bernadette Allison
3rd Place:Marco - Dynata's Bound to be Brilliant
Owner: Mark Calder
Handler: Mark Calder/Laurie Fairchild
4th Place:Maggie - Vezeto's Last Riled Dance
Owner: Michael Heller
Handler: Michael Heller
Award of Merit: Quin - Zydeco's Quintessential Red Blend JH
Owner: Sarah & Michael Prejean & Ashley Uffman
Handler: Ashley Uffman

Championship Results
Judges: Rick Petersen & David Downing

2017 Vizsla Club of America National Gun Dog ChampionZoey - On-Point Vizsla's Zoey
Owner: Dan Olson
Handler: Mark Spurgeon
2nd Place:Kinze- NAFC NGDC DC AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds MH
Owner: Joanne Beckley
Handler: Joanne Beckley
3rd Place:Gauge - FC AFC Crimson's Double Twenty Gauge
Owner: Mark & Pam Spurgeon
Handler: Mark Spurgeon
4th Place:Mara - GCH DC Poquito's La Maracas De Riata
Owner: Karen Concilio
Handler: Karen Concillo
Award of Merits:
Mecate - Poquito's Mecate Hecha De Riata
Owner: Ricardo Renteria & Maria F. Zucconi
Handler: Richardo Renteria/Maria F. Zucconi

Rowan - CH Nueva Es Rozsa Eowyn
Owner: Linda Lantz & Medda Rauhut
Handler:Tim Hidalgo

Congratulations to all!