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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

Vizsla Club of America - NGDC 2021

2021 National Gun Dog Championship

Blandfield Plantation, Caret Virginia

Sunday, March 21, 2021 Arrival Day with Welcome Social Hour and Dinner
Monday, March 22, 2021 Ride Around followed by Puppy Classic.
NGDC to follow Puppy Classic but no earlier than 7:00am on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

General Information on Gun Dog Championships

Judges: National Gun Dog Championship

Kelli Aitken of Manhattan, KS
Peter Wilkin of Fontana, KS

Judges: Puppy Classic

Mike George of Chandler, AZ
Thomas Pescod of Cassatt, SC

Chairs and Committees

Advertising/Catalog: Diane Fazio
Awards & Trophy Sponsorship: Sabrina Corliss
Corporate Sponsorship:Sabrina Corliss
Covid Packet: Elise Wright
Field Trial Chair: Pat Carney
Field Trial Secretary: Melissa Thomas
Fundraising/ Raffle: Lisa Durham
Finance Chair: Patty Hart
Gallery Wagon: Melissa Thomas
General Donations and Sponsorships
: Pat Carney
Hotel and Community Information:Elise Wright
Hospitality & Meal Reservations: Pegi Zelneronok
Meals: To be announced
To be announced
Sarah Bodine
Photographer: Mark Spurgeon
: Melissa Thomas
Reporter: Paul Hermes
Running of the Veterans: Sarah Bodine
Site Management: Dave Pomfret
Schedule of Events: Melissa Thomas
Social Hours:Pat Carney
Wrangler: Robin Shadle (570) 660-7045
Advanced reservations strongly recommended

Looking forward to seeing you March 22, 2021!

Premiums, Reservations, Etc

Catalog Advertising
COVID-19 Best Practices

General Donations, Social Hour and Raffle
Gallery, Parking and Veterans Reservations
Hotel Information
2021 NGDC Premium

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