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2019 National Specialty Events

VCA 2019 National Specialty Events

April 29 – May 4, 2019
West Bend, WI
Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center
Agility: Canine Sports Zone in Middleton, WI

Chairs and Committees

Overall Event Chair: Becky Smith
Show/Obedience/Rally Chair: Kathy Rust
Agility Chair: Jone Brown
Advertising: Patty Hart
Announcer: Corinne Miklos
Catalog/Info Packet Printing: Diane Fazio
Decorations: Laurel Zepp
Educational Seminar: TBD
Facebook updates: Pat Carney
Finance Chair: Paul Hussa
Hospitality: Wendy Kempfer
Juniors Activities: Becky Haberbush
Logo Design/Signs: Jo Reynolds
Merchandise: Melissa Lembke
Photo Contest: Jo Reynolds
Pre-Event Raffle: Trish Burdin
Raffle/Auction: Becky Smith & Jone Brown
Reservations: Rhoda Ezell
Rescue parade/Parade of Titleholders: Michel Berner
Trophy Donations: Cathy Gallagher
Trophy Selection: Linda Durham
Vendors: Kym Fisher
Judges Hospitality: Trish Burdin
Welcome Bags: Teresa Rizzo
Grounds Crew: Carrie Knutson
Ringside chairs: Becky Haberbush
RV Parking: Wes Brown & Frank Rizzo
Set Up/Tear Down: TBD
Ringside Chairs: Becky Haberbush
Walk Down Memory Lane: Jan Wallace


REQUIRED READING: Rules for Hotel Stays

Information Packet

Conformation/Obedience/Rally Premium

Agility Premiums and Info:

Iron Dog Information and Entry Form
Entries Close April 10, 2019

Updated Location and Events

Schedule of Events

Hotel and RV Rental Information

Reservations & Catalogs Form
- Deadline April 10, 2019

Reservations & Catalogs Store
- Opening Soon

2019 Special Deals - Closes March 13, 2019 at 6 pm EDST

Education Seminar
- Reservations Close April 10/2019

Hand Made Auction Letter-seeking donations
to be listed in catalog received by Feb 1, 2019

Judge Education

Teddy the Dog T-Shirts Order Form
Received by March 4, 2019

Tricks and CGC Testing
- Preregistration Closes April 20, 2019

Tourist Attractions

Trophy/Award Donation
- deadline March 29, 2019 to be listed in Catalog

Vizsla Statue Contest Information
deliver them no later than Thursday, May 2, 2019

Memory Lane Photo Show
- Closes 4/10/19

Photo Contest
- Received by April 10, 2019

Vendor Information
- Receive by February 28, 2019

Worst Photo Contest
- Receive by 4/10/19