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2021 National Specialty Events

VCA 2020 National Specialty Events

2021 VCA National Specialty and Companion Events
Founders Inn and Spa
5641 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23465
April 26-May 1, 2021

Hotel Reservations ARE NOT available at this time. When available, it will be posted on this page.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, April 25
Scent Trial
Scent Trial Chair - Marla Hansen 717 697 8323
Judges: Sarah Cowell & Silke Satzinger
Founders Inn and Spa

Monday, April 26
National Agility Trial
Judge: Sandy Moody
Family Dog Club
1847 Centerville Turnpike S
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Tuesday, April 27
National Obedience & Rally Trial
Judges: Betsy Horn Humer & Cheryl Pratt
Founders Inn and Spa

Wednesday - Friday, April 28 - 30
National Sweepstakes and Specialty Show
Judge: Alessandra Folz
Sweepstakes Judge: Jenna Iacobellis-Zablow
Junior Judge: Karen Iacobellis
Founders Inn and Spa

Saturday, May 1
VCA Regional Specialty
Judge: Jason Hoke
Founders Inn and Spa

National Event Chair: TBD

Vice-Chair: Linda Pruitt 757-710-4247
Vice-Chair: Joan Toepke 914-714-8691
Vice-Chair: Elise Wright 609-203-2866

Show Chair: Laurie C Cahill 919-260-2930
Agility Chair: Abbie Hanson 803-943-6521
Obedience/Rally Chair: Ginger Sammonds 970-310-6302
Finance Chair: Kimberly Markey 860-214-5432
Show Secretary: Karen Burgess 360-771-5078
Show Superintendent: Foy Trent
Agility Superintendent: Gonedogginagility gonedogginagility.com
Regional Show Chair: Carol Brown
Regional Committee: Laurie Cahill, Linda Furey, Rachel Kelly, Kim Markey, Kelly Park, Linda Pruitt, Diane Shearer, Debbie Stern

National Committee

Catalog Advertising: Adrienne Freyer 605-484-8104
Catalog Printing: Diane Fazio
Hotel Liaison: Linda Pruitt 757-710-4247
All Star Review: Ashley Uffman
Junior Event Coordinator: Rachel Kelly 360-649-3447
Memory Lane/Luminary Walk: Debbie Sullivan
Merchandise: Melissa Lembke 507-327-4405
Parades: Rachel Kelly 360-649-3447
Photo Contest: Michelle DeLucia 917-922-6615
Reservations: Rhoda Ezell
Reserved Crating: Joan Toepke 914-714-8691
Ringside Seating: Kelly Park 757-676-7702
RV Reservations: Linda Pruitt 757-710-4247
Trophy Solicitation: Cathy Gallagher 847-337-4714
Trophy Selection: Ida Kavafian 914-325-3148
Trophy Selection (Regional): Jenny Follet, Debbie Stern, Laurie Cahill
Vendors: Stephanie Sherwood 808-351-0996
Education Seminar: Elise Wright 609-203-2866 & Cathy Gallagher 847-337-4714
Hospitality: Beth Kirven 803-413-7914
Judges Hospitality: Laurie C Cahill 919-260-2930
Grounds: Linda Pruitt 757-710-4247
Equipment: Michelle DeLucia 917-922-6615
Premium/Info Packet: Melissa Green 717-507-3108
Raffle/Silent Auction: Ellie Lipetz 908-461-1617
Agility Fundraising/Auction/Raffle: Linda Furey/Jenny Follett 410-713-9310
Ribbons: Jenny Follett 303-898-0195
Decorations: Melissa Green 717-507-3108 & Beth Kirven 803-413-7914
Logo Design: Nicole Rae Park
Social Media: Emily Church 617-646-9531
Board Liaison: Jamie Walton 1-909-730-0065
Welcome Bags: Joan Toepke 914-714-8691
Photographer: TBD
Videographer: TBD
Announcer: TBD


Agility: Sandy Moody
Conformation: Allesandra Folz
Juniors: Karen Iacobellis
Obedience: Betsy Horn Humer
Rally: Chreyl Pratt
Sweepstakes: Jenna Iacobellis-Zablow
Regional Specialty: Jason Hoke


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