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2018 VCA National Events Photo Contest Results

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Judges Selections

Best In Show

Canines and Their Companions Category – Lisa Lemons – Ames, IA

Judges Reserve Best in Show

Holiday Hounds – Linda Curhan – Warwick, RI

Canines and Their Companions

1st Place – Lisa Lemons – Ames, IA
2nd Place – Valorie Bordon – Duvall, WA
3rd Place – Debby Wheeler – Escondido, CA
4th Place – Shirley Olsen – Dana Point, CA

Holiday Hounds

1st Place – Linda Curhan – Warwick, RI
2nd Place – Sarah Beaupre – Harrington, DE
3rd Place – Cherry Williams – Columbus, OH
4th Place – Kathy Derham – Canoga Park, CA

Hungarian Goulash

1st Place- Tami Gregg – Rices Landing, PA
2nd Place – Christopher Arnone – Salt Point, NY
3rd Place – Tammy Romatko – Yucca Valley, CA
4th Place – Kenzie Cortes – Ontario, CA

Vizsla Puppyhood

1st Place – Amy Kobal – Doyleston, PA
2nd Place – Rich Black – Cummings, GA
3rd Place – Kamila Kolb – Lumberton, NJ
4th Place – Tania Campbell – Powder Springs, GA

Versatile Vizsla

1st Place – Diane Bliss – East Chatham, NY
2nd Place = Shirley Olson – Dana Point, CA
3rd Place – Kevin Billy – San Clemente, CA
4th Place – Valorie Bordon – Duvall, WA

Sugarfaced Senior

1st Place – Mark Spencer – Denver, CO
2nd Place – Cherry Williams – Columbus, OH
3rd Place – Steve Shylen – Pipersville, PA
4th Place – Patrice Shramko – Boynton Beach, FL

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Best In Show

Sugar Face – Steve Shylen – Pipersville, PA