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VCA medallions are available for pickup at the nationals for all members whose dogs earned AKC titles or VCA versatility certificates. The awards year includes all titles published in the American Kennel Club Awards from October of the previous calendar year through September of the current calendar year. Please remember that the publication date is several months after the title is earned and that medallions are awarded only when published. Therefore, you may have a very long wait for a medallion if you earned a title in June, July, August or September. Sometimes June wins can make the September issue of AKC Awards.

In order to receive a VCA medallion, at least one of the owners of record must be a current VCA member. Only one medallion will be issued per title.

If you are entitled to a medallion and are unable to arrange for it to be picked up (anyone, with your permission, can sign for and pick up your medallions) at the Oct/Nov 2009 nationals, you may have it mailed by sending a check (to cover shipping) payable in U.S. funds to VCA in care of:

Debbie Sullivan
8420 Sullivan Lane
Orange, TX 77632

The cost to mail 1 or 2 medallions is $2 (3 or 4 medallions $4, etc).

Email any questions to Debbie Sullivan at: regalpointvizslas@yahoo.com

Please note: No medallions will be mailed before December 1 of the current year and January 31 of the next year. Sorry, requests for past due medallions cannot be honored.